Quantum Frame LED Grow Light

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Store and grow your plants with the best of the best. Our LED Grow Lights are designed to take your crop to the next level with full spectrum, simulated sunlight that can be adjusted to any color spectrum you want. Quantum Photon Frame is the ultimate all-in-one grow system, giving you just the right amount of everything you need for a successful harvest.

Model: BAR600 / BAR1200 / BAR1800 / BAR2400
Input Voltage: AC85-265V
Plug Type: EU Plug / US Plug
LED Chip: Samsung LM281B+
Material: Aluminum
Size: as the picture shows
Spectrum: 3000K+5000K+660NM+730NM+380NM
Dimmable Function: No
BAR600 Parameters:
Input Voltage: 85-265V
Actual Power: 50W
Number of Chips: 3000K(36PCS)+5000K(36PCS)+660NM(10PCS)+730NM(1PCS)+380NM(1PCS)
Efficacy PPF: 2.7umol/J/s
PPFD: 680umol
BAR1200 Parameters:
Input Voltage: 85-265V
Actual Power: 100W
Number of Chips: 3000K(72PCS)+5000K(72PCS)+660NM(20PCS)+730NM(2PCS)+380NM(2PCS)
Efficacy PPF: 2.7umol/J/s
PPFD: 1360umol
BAR1800 Parameters:
Input Voltage: 85-265V
Actual Power: 150W
Number of Chips: 3000K(108PCS)+5000K(108PCS)+660NM(30PCS)+730NM(3PCS)+380NM(3PCS)
Efficacy PPF: 2.7umol/J/s
PPFD: 2040umol
BAR2400 Parameters:
Input Voltage: 85-265V
Actual Power: 200W
Number of Chips: 3000K(144PCS)+5000K(144PCS)+660NM(40PCS)+730NM(4PCS)+380NM(4PCS)
Efficacy PPF: 2.7umol/J/s
PPFD: 2720umol
Note: The IR (Infrared) and UV LEDs are look dim, not faulty LEDs.
Those dark lights( UV&IR ) are normal, do not worry. We have been professionally designed, this is not a defect of the product. They play an important role in the growth and development of plants.
* LOWER RUNNING COSTS & HIGHER-QUALITY YIELDS: Our LED Grow Lights utilize the latest in high yielding LEDs technology today-Samsung LM281B+ diodes, high energy efficiency, delivers powerful light output and uniform canopy penetration to resulting maximum higher yields. Especially beneficial for large area of indoor growing and commercial planting.
* LOW HEAT AND NOISE FREE: Saving up to 50% energy and 30% cooler than other grow lamp. The latest aluminum radiator has a special surface treatment that doubles the heat dissipation area. High power, low heat, and low failure rate grow lamp. No fan, no noise.

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